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LiveJournal Freaks!


LiveJournal Freaks
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to ljfreaks LiveJournal FREAKS!
LiveJournal Freaks is an open community.
Most members post pictures, jokes, interesting links, communities, whatever comes out of their heads.
Feel free to freak out a bit and speak your mind.
This is an open community which means it is open for anything and everything!

One Posting Rule:
Please use the lj-cut code when posting long articles and large images.
More info on how to use the lj-cut code: How do i use lj-cut?

Don't worry, if you do post an image that is too big i will just send you a comment about it.
Then all you have to do is add the lj-cut or delete your entry.
You will not be deleted from the community.

Thank you,
Management and Members

Freak it up!

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